BrainTech 2017 | March 6-7, Tel Aviv, Israel | 3nd International Brain Technology Conference


We invite you to be part of the BrainTech 2017 experience !

BrainTech 2017 is poised to be one of the focal international events in the brain technology arena. Following the success of the previous BrainTech Israel conferences, in 2013 and 2015, this third conference will highlight the new opportunities arising from the multitude of converging technologies developed and utilized to decipher brain function and combat brain impairment and injury.

The four main themes which will form the conference pillars are:

  1. Neurodegeneration and aging
  2. Mental health
  3. Rehabilitation and assistive technologies
  4. Wellness and cognitive enhancement

The program format includes keynote lectures, debates and panel discussions, round tables, technology spotlights, exhibition, posters and 1:1 partnering.

In each of our first two conferences, we had 800 attendees with guests from 15 countries.  Participants at BrainTech 2017 will include clinicians and scientists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, investors and opinion leaders.  This variety is an expression of IBT's mission - to drive forward the implementation of BrainTech solutions and cures by bringing together the different stakeholders in the industry.

To see a list of companies and organizations that attended our 2015 conference, please visit:

We invite you to register for BrainTech 2017 and take part in the future of BrainTech!

Miri Polachek, IBT Executive Director
Iris Geffen-Gloor, BrainTech 2017 Program Manager




Event Summary

BrainTech 2015 was a huge success, check out the clip below :

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