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  • Anima Cell Metrology

    Anima has developed a technology to monitor protein synthesis from living cells, in real time, using a patented fluorescent method. Our Protein Synthesis Monitoring (PSM) technology allows measuring where, when and which proteins are being made in the liv
  • Enigma Medical

  • NeuroTrax

    NeuroTrax Corporation (founded in 2000) is the pioneer in computerized scientifically-validated cognitive tests for brain health. Over 170,000 tests have been administered in clinical and research settings and over 70 peer-reviewed articles have been pu
  • SipNose

    SipNose is developing an innovative non-invasive nasal delivery device platform. Understanding the challenges and the great need in the area of CNS therapies, SipNose is focusing on nose-to-brain delivery to enable next generation CNS therapeutic applicat