BrainBlitz – Roundtables

Interactive Brain Innovation & Partnering – Themes & Moderators:


  • Table no. 1 –  Mind Over Cancer 

 Dr. Deborah Blumenthal, Co-Director of Tel Aviv University’s Neuro-Oncology Service at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.


  • Table no. 2 – Potential new diagnostics & treatment for Alzheimer’s

Mr. Erez Chimovits, Managing Director, OrbiMed Healthcare Fund Management &  Mr. Jonathan Solomon, President & Chief Executive Officer NeuroPhage


  • Table no. 3 – NeuroPlasticity and Neurocognitive Training

Prof. Hillik Levkovitz, Shalvata Mental Health Center  & Dr. Son PremingerFounder and CEO, Intendu & Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, IDC


  • Table no. 4 – Brain Machine Interface

Dr. Doron Friedman, Head of the Advanced Virtuality Lab, IDC & Ms. Ariel Garten, CEO InteraXon


  • Table no. 5 – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dr. Mouna Maroun, Head of Sagol Department of NeuroBiology, University of Haifa, & Prof. Gal Richter – Levin, Director of the Institute for the Study of Affective Neuroscience


  • Table no. 6 – ADHD

Dr. Itai Berger, Director, The Neuro-cognitive Center, Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center


  • Table no. 7 – Smart phone for Smart Brain

Dr. Tsvi Fischel, Geha Psychiatric Hospital, & Dr. Nir Grossman, MIT Media Labs


  • Table no. 8 – NeuroModulation

Dr. Lothar Krinke, VP & General Manager, DBS, Medtronic Neuromodulation


  • Table no. 9 – Can Parkinson’s be prevented

Prof. Nir Giladi, Chairman, Department of Neurology, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University


  • Table no. 10 – Diagnosing and Treating the Brain through the Nose

Prof. Noam Sobel, Chairman, Neurobiology Department Weitzmann Institute of Science


  • Table no. 11 – Do you mind? mindfulness, plasticity, creativity

Dr. Nava Lavit – Ben-Nun, Sagol Unit for Applied Neuroscience,  Muda center for Mindfulness, Science and Society


  • Table no. 12 – Drug Delivery to the Brain

Dr. Ajay Verma, MD, PhD, Vice President Translational Neurology, Biogen Idec


  • Table no. 13 – EEG listening to the Brain

Dr. Philip Low, Founder, President and CEO, NeuroVigil


  • Table no. 14 – The Brain or the Heart  

Prof. Chaim Lotan, Head Heart Institute, Haddasah Medical Center, & Dr. Nissim Darvish, M.D, Senior Managing Director OrbiMed Healthcare Fund Management


  • Table no. 15 – Epilepsy

Prof. Steven Schachter, Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, CIMIT


  • Table no. 16 – Connectopathies

Dr. Avi Peled,  Clinical Assistant Professor, Shaar Menashe Mental Health Center


  • Table no. 17 – NeuroSociety

Mr. Zack Lynch, Founder, Executive Director NeuroTechnology Industry Organization USA


  • Table no. 18 – Sleep & Brain  

Dr. Ilana Hairston, The Academic College of Tel Aviv Jaffa


BrainBlitz – Roundtables