Poster Session

List of Posters


  • A novel Mechanical Thrombectomy Device for Treating Acute Ischemic Stroke - Lior Trieman, Intratech Medical


  • Object Categorization of Visually Presented Images Occurs Early in Time and Space: Single Trial EEG Classification Analysis  - Galit Fuhrmann – Alpert, The Hebrew University Jerusalem


  • Elucidating the Role of Environmental Enrichment in Mitigating Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology through MicroRNAs Regulation - Inna Shvarts – Serebro, Tel Aviv University


  • The Center of Gene Manipulation in the Brain (CGMB): Developing New Tools for Research and Therapy- Efrat Edri, Haifa University


  • “Tool Box” for Deciphering the Connectome and Neuronal Activity of Spinal Interneurons – Yoav Hadas, Hebrew University Jerusalem


  • Towards HDACi-based Therapy for Huntington Disease, Using Epigenetic Profiling of PSC-derived Neurons – Dorit Cohen, Hebrew University Jerusalem


  • Feature Based Top-Down Modulation of ERP Signals in a Visual Change Discrimination Task with Diversions – Nir Even – Chen, Technion


  • Combining Holographic Stimulation with Cellular Resolution Imaging in the Rodent Eye – Adi Schejter, Technion 


  • Dual Array EEG-fMRI – Ilana Klovatch, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


  • NEAT, a Comprehensive Multi-Channel Neural Activity Analysis Toolbox – Tom Mayblum, Technion


  • Peri-Surgical Multimodal Segregation of Neural Language Networks – Tomer Gazit, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


  • Towards Retinal Stimulation with Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Ultrasound – Omer Naor, Technion / Hebrew University Jerusalem


  • Intramembrane Cavitation as a Predictive Bio-Piezoelectric Mechanism for Ultrasonic Brain Stimulation – Michael Plaksin, Technion


  • Optical Probing of Three-Dimensional Engineered Neural-Networks – Anat Marom, Technion


  • Three Dimensional Optical Probing of Bio-Engineered Neural ‘Optonets’ – Shir Paluch, Technion


  •  Role of the Translational Machinery in Antioxidant-Induced Reversal of Cocaine Psychomotor Sensitization – Elvira Nisimov – Lisniansky, Hebrew University Jerusalem


  • Computerized Sampling and Analysis of Early Neuromotor Development of Premature Infants – Hagit Friedman, Haifa University


  • Neural Differentiation of Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders – Chaya Brodie – Bar Ilan University


  • Temporary Suppression of Attention in Driving: an Attentional Blink Effect Study – Hagit Shaposhnik, Ben Gurion University


  •  Neuronal Avalanches in Human MEG and EEG – a Novel Tool for Monitoring the Balance of Excitation and Inhibition in the Brain – Oren Shriki, Ben Gurion University


  • Protection of Cognitive Behavior in Mouse Models of Schizophrenia by the Drug Candidate NAP (Davunetide) – Zeev Shemer, Tel Aviv University


  • Long-Term Social Recognition Memory of Rats is Mediated by Protein Synthesis and Oxytocin – Dependent LTD in the Medial Amygdala – Rotem Gur, Haifa University


  • Towards Natural Interaction with BCI – Jonathan Giron, IDC


  •  Identifying Changes in Neural Functional Connectivity Using a Data Driven Approach – Adi Maron – Katz, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


  • The Nasal Cycle: Functional Neural Asymmetry Reflected in the Nose – Roni Kahana, Weizmann Institute of Science


  • Olfactory Associative Learning During Human Sleep – Anat Artzi, Weizmann Institute of Science


  • Extracting Cortical Current Dipoles from MEG Recordings – Inbal Shapira Lots, Bar Ilan University


  • An Odor-Dispensing Device for the Treatment of Sleep Apnea – Ofer Perl, Weizmann Institute of Science


  •  Design of Cognitive Enhancers for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment – Ilana Barrera, Haifa University


  • Neural Markers of Empathy-related Dynamic Network Connectivity in Schizophrenia Patients and their Healthy Siblings – Maya Bleich – Cohen, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


  • Enhancing Memory Via Knockdown of elF2α Kinase PERK – Hadile Ounallah – Saad – Haifa University


  • PGW5, a Novel Sacrosinyl-Linked Olanzapine, Exhibits High Efficacy in Schyzophrenia Models, Without Metabolic Side-Effects – Irit Gil- Ad, Tel Aviv University


  • Deep Brain Stimulation: From Basic Science to Clinical Implication – Mikael Levy, Tel Aviv University/ Beilinson/ Haddasah


  • Aversive Memory is Erased by Inhibition of Pl3K Cascade – Ilana Slouzkey, Haifa University


  • Rythmic Brain Neuronal Acitivity is Modulated by the Degree of Novelty of a Social Stimulus – Alex Tendler, Haifa University


  • Brain Connectivity and Vulnerabilities in Schyzophrenia: a TMS-EEG Network Study – Jodie Naim – Feil, Weizmann Institute of Science

Poster Session