2nd International
Brain Technology Conference

March 11-12, Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port, Israel

IBT-Allen Institute Challenge

Join the IBT-Allen Institute Challenge!

Israel Brain Technologies and the Allen Institute for Brain Science are proud to announce the IBT-Allen Institute Challenge which was launched at BrainTech 2015!

Members of the winning team will have the opportunity to undertake a short internship at the Allen Institute in Seattle. For potentially commercially viable proposals, the organizers will facilitate introductions to potential investors in the Israeli community who may be interested in further developing the proposal.

The challenge is the first of many initiatives that we hope will stimulate the growth of a novel partnership between the Allen Institute and Israeli neuroscience and biotech.

The intention of this challenge is for participants to develop skills in team science, integrate their diverse training backgrounds and develop collaborations with experts in other disciplines to tackle a major problem facing neuroscience today.

The core of the challenge will include utilizing the data and research support tools developed at the Allen Institute that were designed to accelerate the understanding of the human brain, and augment this with each team member’s skills.

The challenge includes several phases:

  1. Develop a team proposal: Teams will develop a proposal (2-3 pages max) per the Challenge guidelines that is unique and develops a new translational approach to a major human brain disorder. The two main diseases suggested are Autism Spectrum Disorders and Dementia.
  2. Review: The proposals will be reviewed by Next Generation leaders from Allen Institute for Brain Science, Allen Institute scientists and IBT/BrainTech committee members.


  • Register for Conference and Register for Challenge (by March 8)
  • IBT-Allen Institute Training & Team Building Workshop (March 10)
  • BrainTech (March 11-12)
  • Team Proposal Submission Date (April 15)
  • Announce selected team(s) (by May 30)

About the Allen Institute

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Proposal submission guidelines:

  1. Must produce a proposal outlining the idea (<350 words), an outline and timeline for how this could be achieved in an identifiable time window (<500 words), and the roles of team members (<500 words total). Other collaborators can be “recruited“ for the project.
  2. Proposals must use the Allen Institute for Brain Science tools as well as other online data tools in designing the approach. Projects could utilize the structural and gene expression networks to understand complex models of disease that span development. Alternatively, they could utilize the Mouse Connectivity atlas to confirm and challenge existing models of brain wiring to better understand the effects of brain training or brain/device interfaces.
  3. Proposals must be multidisciplinary, i.e., include at least 2 members from: Biological, Engineering, High-throughput or Computational neuroscience.

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