2nd International
Brain Technology Conference

March 11-12, Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port, Israel

Shachar Maidenbaum

Head of R&D in the Amedi Multi-Sensory Research Lab, Hebrew University

Shachar Maidenbaum

Shachar is currently head of R&D in the Amedi Multi-Sensory Research Lab. He joined the lab in 2010 after completing his undergraduate studies in Hebrew University in Computer Science and Computational Biology as part of the elite Amirim-Teva honors program and since then he has completed his M.Sc. in Medical Neurobiology magna Cum Laude. Shachar’s work in the lab has included aspects of R&D, behavioral neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience. He has published over twenty projects both in neuroscience and computer science (h-index 6, i-10 index 5).

Shachar is especially interested in Sensory Substitution, non-traditional human-computer interfaces and human sensory augmentation. Other interests include Digital Humanities, including publishing several works and have been awarded the “Nitzotzot” & “Merchavim” fellowships, and Science Communication and education, including wining 2nd place in the National Fame-lab competition and several popular science talks in locations ranging from Sci-Fi conventions to elementary schools.