2nd International
Brain Technology Conference

March 11-12, Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port, Israel

Stanisa Raspopovic, PhD

Swiss Inst. of Technology & Biorobotics Institute


Dr. Stanisa Raspopovic is Scientist at both The Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne and The Biorobotics Institute in Pisa Italy. He earned the PhD in Neural Engineering in 2011 from Scuola Superiore Sant Anna, Pisa, Italy and has worked as a visiting scientist in University Autonoma of Barcelona and in ETH Zurich. Dr. Raspopovic’s research interests are in the field of neural engineering; he studies the interaction between implanted neural interfaces and the peripheral nervous system or the spinal cord. In particular he is actively working in stages of the “hypothesis driven development” where hybrid models are used to simulate the interplay between electrical fields and ionic currents in neurons. This is later tested in animal experiments and finally used to develop devices for human use. Recently, Dr. Raspopovic participated in the construction of the first bidirectional hand prosthesis that enables amputees to feel natural and detailed sensations while intuitively manipulating the robotic hand.  Additionally, Dr. Raspopovic is a co-founder of SensArs Neuroprosthetics, which aims to translate sensory prostheses from clinical application to everyday human use.