BrainTech 2017 Conference Summary: Bringing the best in global brain innovation to Tel Aviv

BrainTech 2017 “Converging Technologies” – the 3rd international brain technologies conference organized by Israel Brain Technologies (IBT) took place last week in Tel Aviv. BrainTech 2017 brought over 40 of the world’s leading researchers, clinicians and industry leaders  in the brain arena, to present and discuss challenges, opportunities and technological developments. The conference program included:

Can smart phones be the next frontier in combatting schizophrenia and depression? Interview with Dr. Danielle Schlosser

Dr. Danielle Schlosser, Lead Clinical Research Scientist at Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences), is passionate about being creative in treating schizophrenia and depression, and making treatment accessible. Dr. Schlosser will be presenting at BrainTech 2017. A quarter of the world’s population is struggling with a mental health problem, but most are not getting treatment.  According

After decades of research, cautious optimism on Alzheimer’s disease – interview with Dr. Scott Small

Dr. Scott Small, Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at Columbia University, is using advanced MRI technology to pinpoint the area of the brain affected by Alzheimer’s, in the quest for a cure. What makes Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) AD, as opposed to normal cognitive decline and memory loss? The answer to this question is

The Challenge of Translational Neuroscience – Interview with Dr. Patrick Aebischer

What’s holding back the implementation of brain research for brain illnesses, and what can be done to change the situation?  Interview with Dr. Patrick Aebischer Professor of Neuroscience at EPFL, and keynote speaker at BrainTech 2017. The last few years have seen an explosion of exciting new treatments in cardiology and oncology.  Why is this

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