Poster Session

Below is a list of all the posters which will be presented at the Poster Session
(lunch sessions on both conference days):


1 Co-adaptive Learning in Brain Computer Interfaces Amjad Abu-Rmileh Ben Gurion University
2 learningVirtual Reality for motor learning Ori Ossmy Tel Aviv University
3 The possibility to reawaken the ‘visual’ regions of the brain offer hope for visual rehabilitation and the potential for practical visual rehabilitation via sensory substitution Shachar Maidenbaum Hebrew University
4 Controllable-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation with neuronavigation Jaakko O. Nieminen Aalto University
5 Signal Quality Analysis of an Inexpensive Electroencephalography (EEG) and Eye-Tracking System Gina Notaro Dartmouth College
6 A comprehensive and robust framework for execution and management of Neuro-Feedback studies Gilan Jackont Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
7 Exploring Different Brain-Computer Interface Paradigms Nitzan Artzi Ben Gurion University
8 RichMind: a tool for statistically rigorous interpretation of large-scale neuroimaging results Adi Maron-Katz Tel Aviv University,
9 Multi-scale connectivity patterns in neocortical microcircuits Eyal Gal Hebrew university
10 Uncovering stimulus-induced network dynamics during narrative comprehension Erez Simony Princeton University
11 Assessing deviations from excitation-inhibition balance in the epileptic brain Oshrit Arviv Bar-Ilan University
12 Searching for anxiety and depression patterns in ERPs of adult Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by using a novel approach to Brain Network Activity (BNA) analysis Anbar Amit Haifa  University
13 Feasibility study for monitoring stroke and TBI patients Nir Goren University College London
14 Neuronal activation increases blood-brain barrier permeability: Phenomenology, mechanisms and clinical applications Udi Vazana Ben Gurion University
15 Automated analysis of non-verbal behavior in patients with schizophrenia talia tron Hebrew University
16 Modular Customizable Brain-Computer Interface for ALS Patients Yotam Luz Ben Gurion University
17 Preclinical evaluation of a new GSK-3 peptide inhibitor L807-mts as a potential therapy for Alzheimer’s disease Dr. Lilach Vaks Tel-Aviv University
18 Deficiency in Parkinson’s related gene DJ-1 impairs microglia phagocytosis and degradation of alpha-synuclein Yuval Nash Tel Aviv University
19 A critical role for IGF-1 receptor in synaptic function Neta Gazit Tel Aviv University
20 Increase Expression of Transforming Growth Factor β1 by Astrocyte Mediates Phagocytosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Beta Amyloid Shoshik Amram Tel-Aviv university
21 Towards epigenetic-based therapy for Huntington’s disease using profiling of human stem cells derived neurons Dr. Dorit Cohen-Carmon Hebrew University
22 Hyperbaric oxygen can induce neuroplasticity and improve cognitive function of patients suffering from anoxic brain damage Dr. Amir Hadanny Assaf Harofeh Medical center
23 A Preclinical Model for Bipolar Disorder Drug Development Vukasin Jovanovic Ben Gurion University
24 Cellular-resolution imaging and optogenetic holographic patterned stimulation towards a novel retinal prosthesis Adi Schejter Technion
25  Long-term social recognition memory is mediated by Oxytocin-dependent synaptic plasticity in the Medial Amygdala Rotem Gur Haifa  University
26 Social Isolation Induces Significant Changes in Gene Expression in the rat brain Noam leser Haifa  University
27 A novel whole-cell long-term memory amplification mechanism : involvement of translational processes? Iris Reuveni Haifa  University
28 Learning-induced modulation of the GABAB-mediated inhibitory synaptic transmission: mechanisms and functional significance Adi Kfir Haifa  University
29 Morphology as a case of long term language statistics and its benefit for vocabulary acquisition Eva Kimel Hebrew university
30 Probabilistic Graphical Models of Dyslexia Yair Lakretz Tel Aviv University
31 Megf10-mediated clearance of apoptotic cells in the CNS Tal Iram Tel Aviv University
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