Avi Yaron

CEO at Joy Ventures

Avi Yaron, CEO of Joy Ventures, is a serial visionary entrepreneur, with extensive knowledge of all startup phases, from invention till international go-to-market, of various medical technologies, owning numerous technological & clinical patents.

Joy Ventures is a privately-owned incubator, nurturing & investing long term in start-ups, within an exclusive emerging domain: scientifically-based cutting edge solutions using neuro science for improving the everyday human experience, reducing stress, increasing mental and physical wellness. Such solutions will be purchased and used directly by consumers with no need for FDA clearance or medical guidance/supervision, including software & hardware, devices, direct or indirect non-invasive physiological sensors, smart clothing, nutritional and biopharma-based solutions and technologies.

Joy Ventures has launched an annual grant providing, each year, up to $1.2 million dollars in funding academic research  p consistent with its vision.

Formerly, Avi Invented, founded & lead disruptive companies that targeted un-met needs: Visionsense for minimal invasive brain surgery and Mototech for digital motorcycle ignition systems.

Two case studies about Avi’s management style, while CEO of Visionsense (a US based Neurosurgical technology company), are taught in Entrepreneurial MBA programs in Babson College, MIT, Stanford & others. Avi lectures regularly in Babson’s classes, other universities and in medical/technological conferences.  He also mentors and assists entrepreneurs, serves as Executive Chairman.

Having an in-depth experience of overcoming a life-threatening brain tumor, Avi supports, pro bono, patients with acute brain health conditions.  Over the last twenty years, while learning various holistic body-mind techniques and assisting hundreds of patients, the realization of the significant effects of stress on our well-being and long-term health had materialized into a new vision of “personalized predictive pre-preventative neuro wellness technology” (TEDxAmsterdam).

Avi served as a lieutenant in the Israeli Intelligence Corps. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Tel Aviv U & MBA from Boston U.

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