Eyal Fruchter, MD

Head of the Psychiatric Ward, Rambam Medical center

Eyal Fruchter, is a Psychiatrist, currently the head of the psychiatric ward in Rambam Medical center.

He graduated from the Technion in Haifa, and than started his military service as a field doctor and a flight surgeon. After 5 years of service, went to specialize in psychiatry, and served as the head of psychology branch in the Israeli Air Force and then as the head psychiatrist and district psychiatry for the IDF.  He ended his military career as the head of the mental health department ranking Colonel.

Dr. Fruchter spent a year at USC in LA as a visiting scholar for research and came back to Rambam’s psychiatric ward.

His main fields of research and interest so far have been in  PTSD treatment and prevention and suicide prevention.

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