Startup Competition

BrainTech 2017 Startup Competition

We’re happy to announce the finalists of the BrainTech 2017 Startup Competition:

  • EyeMind – Developing a diagnosis and treatment monitoring platform for neurocognitive conditions using VR and advanced machine-learning algorithms
  • BrainVivo – Developing the next generation of brain imaging technologies, which converts clinical MRI scanners into microscopes
  • Junction therapeutics– Developing a drug that will allow using the blood-brain barrier as a treatment highway & removal of the unwanted.
  • Taliaz – Developing genetic and environmental based software tools to tailor medications for psychiatric disorders
  • Triticum – Developing a clot retriever device for treatment of acute ischemic stroke and occlusions in peripheral vessels

The five startup teams will present at BrainTech on March 6th at 15:00.  The session will be moderated by Assaf Barnea of Sanara Ventures, which sponsored the competition.

Thank you to all the startup teams who sent in applications !


The Startup Competition is in partnership with Sanara Ventures, Virtuozo and XTECH

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